18 October 2013 @ 10:28 pm
Dear Festividder,

First of all, thank you so much for making a vid for me!

I had this whole paragraph typed out about what things I do and do not like in vids but then I deleted it because really, I love all the fandoms below and getting any kind of vid for them would be awesome. Also, I think the most important thing is that you love the vid as well, Festividder, because well do I know the struggle of trying to push out a vid for a challenge when you are sadly not as in love with it as you had hoped to be.

So make a vid that you would love, Festividder, and it will be awesome!!!

My Requests

You'll note that I have made no mention of music because a) I have a hard enough time picking songs for my own leads, let alone suggesting others, and b) I like all sorts of music anyway. Just pick a song that you think works for the vid and I will love it, regardless of how popular or how alternate the song is.

I also feel like I should apologise for my requests as well. Three are RPF (ie. huge amounts of source to choose from), one is a game (ie. also huge amounts of source to choose from), one is a TV show (a TV show that is now in to it's fourth season) but one is totally a safety fandom!


In turn-of-the-century Mexico, two very different women become a bank-robbing duo in an effort to combat a ruthless enforcer terrorizing their town.

I requested this last year and I am requesting it again for the same reason of it being a fun, entertaining movie. I am not sure of the exact trope name but it's essentially a buddy cop film but with female leads instead who pick up an innocent, lawful guy as their sidekick. (Although I am totally side-eyeing that bed scene with the camera and kissing.) Also, I really like Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz in this, so if a vid could focus on their friendship and how they became partners, that would be awesome.

Bob's Burgers

I started watching Bob's Burgers in the middle of season three and pretty much marathoned the entire series to date in a couple of days. I find the show hilarious and I love every single member of the Belcher family. They are all equally adorable and completely out of control.

A general family vid would be awesome but what would be even more awesome is a character study of Tina. Precious, precious Tina. May she never change.

Also, I just read this piece trivia on IMDB. Apparently it was intended as quite a different show...

To pitch the show to the Fox network, the creators of the show made a rough three minute demo of the scene where Bob and Linda are grinding the meat and Bob forgets their wedding anniversary. The differences between the demo and the scene in the actual show included very different character designs by Jay Howell, cruder animation and the Belchers were originally a family of cannibals, making burgers out of the flesh of their victims. However, Fox found the idea of cannibalism too dark for an animated sitcom so it was taken out. Although, this lead to the plot of the first episode where the family is accused by the health inspectors of being cannibals.


I love this game for a lot of reasons. I love playing it and I thought the gameplay mechanics were a lot of fun. I love the scenery in both games: the futuristic testing chambers, the abandoned offices, the broken down facilities and the retro testing chambers in the sequel. I love the songs for the credits. I love the merchandise; I totally own a miniature portal gun and an Aperture Science tank top. I love the fact that their main character was a woman and that their villain was voiced by a woman. I also love these videos: a Portal fan film, an official commercial for the game and the infamous credits song.

So I guess the vid I am envisaging for this is one that doesn't just focus on the gameplay but all the related media around the 'Portal' concept. So you, no biggie, just a small quick massively multi-source vid :O :O :O

RPF - Hugh Jackman

Oh Hugh ♥♥♥ I'm an Australian just like him so he's always been one of those actors who feels close to the heart despite, you know, never ever meeting him in person.

But what I would love to see is a vid that explores not just his "Hollywood" filmography but also the local stuff he has done ie. Paperback Hero, the Boy from Oz and his Lipton Ice Tea Commercials.

Also, this scene from Australia should absolutely be included. For reasons. Wet, half-naked reasons.

RPF - Michelle Rodriguez

I confess I haven't actually seen her full filmography. But while the generic everyone seems not to like her much, the more I learn about her, the more I think she's awesome. But really, a vid just showcasing her film and tv roles would be great.

Also, she's really pretty:

Images from both fear--will--find--you and juliekuhnell

RPF - Felicia Day

I first became aware of Felicia Day around when Dr Horrible came out. I had all ready watched a couple of episodes of The Guild but I went and finished the rest afterwards. I haven't seen her entire filmography but I am slowly making my way through it, as well as liking her more and more with every interview I see. At the moment I am hilariously watching her Co-Optitude web series with her brother.

I think one of the reasons why I like her so much is that she has the career that I would totally want if I ever became an actor/producer ie. writing her own webseries, running a YouTube channel, having her own character in a video game, doing steampunk fashion shoots, guest starring on Supernatural, etc etc. All these awesome, geeky things.

So a vid showing how totally geeky Felicia is would be fantastic.

And then there is also this:

Also, treats are awesome and always welcome. I would say that I am personally going to power through and make as many treats as I can but I would probably just jinx myself and end up making none like last year :(
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