18 August 2013 @ 07:54 pm

  • I have been in my new place for over a month now and still haven't unpacked properly. Urgh, it's too hard.

  • Instead I rewatched all of Community season one to three and it has reignited my desire to make a Community vid.

  • Speaking of vids, VIVIDCON!!! I didn't attend but with my supporting membership I have been ducking in and out of the streaming vids and those I have watched have been awesome! This has also reignited my desire to vid again.

  • Totally watched the leaked finale for Teen Wolf. Cut for reaction spoilers ) But I still want to make a whole bunch of Teen Wolf vids.

  • I really need to get back on working on my [ profile] paperlegends entry. I hope my author isn't seeing this... :O

  • I also really need to answer a bunch of comments that I totally flaked on. Instead I made a Merlin icon *points*

  • I should totally start making icons again...

19 May 2013 @ 11:30 pm
So normally I would start this post with an apology about not having been around lately but I generally lurk too much for anyone to be able to tell. However, while it may not have been noticeable, I have indeed not been around for the past couple of weeks for the following reasons:
  1. My roommates and I were suddenly evicted without warning

  2. Hurriedly trying to pack up all our stuff due to the short notice given

  3. Being overcome with rage at being told a week later that our tenancy was being reviewed and we could possibly stay anyway but maybe not and argh

  4. Saying to hell with it and proceeding with initial plan of buying my own place so I can live alone, albeit a year earlier than I had planned

But property acquisition has been successful and I will soon level up in adulthood as an actual owner of property! It may just be a small unit instead of a house but it is quite lovely and will soon be all mine :D However, this will likely have no affect on my ratio of posting and commenting. Alas :(

I did learn the following while packing though:
  • I have a lot of books *ow my arms*

  • I wrote a lot of fanfic back in the day. Thankfully most of it unpublished since I did spy at least one self insert Mary Sue fic

  • I really really really hate packing

However, this whole shenanigan has meant that I have not yet watched the Supernatural finale. Nor the last couple of eps in fact. I have seen numerous gifs of brotherly angst on Tumblr (there is hugging, right? I have seen hugging!) but it is everything else I am worried about not liking :(

But I did manage to sign up to both [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang and [ profile] paperlegends. Priorities, I haz them!