02 January 2008 @ 08:15 pm
Or in other words my 2008 New Year Resolutions but no one ever keeps resolutions so I am going to call them goals and hope that it tricks my brain. Like how my watch is 15 minutes fast in order to get me places on time (it's success is somewhat patchy).

2008 New Year Resolutions GOALS

∞ Get a job in the design industry that I love like am reasonably pleased with.

∞ Draw more. I mean a lot more.

∞ Finish at least one original story.

∞ Get a fantastic portfolio together instead of the one I threw together overnight for my exhibition.

∞ Keep up with LJ more. I like writing and talking to people about fandom-y stuff. You'd think this would be the perfect place.

∞ Eat better and exercise. Yes, yes, standard inclusion.

∞ Get shit done. In other words, stop being lazy and get better time management skills.

I guess that can be it for now. I'll probably add to them when I think of stuff I should do.
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