09 August 2014 @ 10:06 pm
So I may not be at Vividcon but I am slowly watching all the vidshows through the Vividcon Live Stream, which is super awesome. Below are my favourites from the Femslash vidshow. Hopefully, I will come back and re-edit with links when they become available.


The Way We Get By by elipie [Broad City] because while I haven't seen Broad City all the gifs on Tumblr make it look hilarious and this vid confirms it.

I Do Adore by kiki_miserychic [Adventure Time, Princess Bubblegum/Marceline the Vampire Queen] because I was totally going to request this for Festivids but now I don't have to.

Let Me Put My Love Into You by sweetestdrain [Bitch Slap] because I have a complicated opinion of the movie since it's obviously aimed at a different audience but it's really fucking fun. Also, Xena and Gabrielle make a cameo!

Mrs and Mrs Blake by niyalune [Teen Wolf, Jennifer Blake/Kali] because this would have been a totally better story then what actually happened in canon.

Everywhere by fray-adjacent [Xena/Gabrielle] because it's Xena and Gabrielle ♥♥♥

Vitalum Vitalis by hollywoodgrrl and ohvienna [American Horror Story: Coven] because while I haven't watched AHS yet the visuals here were breathtaking. Also, witches!


Every year around Vividcon (and Festivids for that matter) I always become enamoured with vidding again. How is it so awesome!
04 June 2012 @ 12:10 am
So instead of actually vidding, I decided the better use of my time would be to clear out my 'to watch' folder of bookmarked vids. I am pretty sure there are still a lot more vids scattered throughout my unsorted bookmarks but at least the folder marked 'vids' is empty!

I probably haven't commented directly on these vids because I suck and feel awkward but to all the vidders below, I think your vids are awesome!

Now, on to the recs, in no particular order:

Supernatural x 10 )
Merlin x 2 )
The Avengers (and sundry) x 2 )
Twilight x 1 )
Game of Thrones x 1 )
The X Files x 1 )
Revenge x 1 )
Suckerpunch x 1 )
Multi Fandom x 2 )
06 March 2012 @ 12:13 am
For anyone watching Once Upon a Time, this has been the first vid I have seen made for it and it is fantastic:

Quantum Theory by [ profile] beccatoria

Not the kind of song choice you would expect but it works perfectly!
22 January 2012 @ 11:26 pm
Edited: Now anonymous no more!

So I spent a good deal of time last night watching Festivids and I think I am about halfway through the list.

But I have to rec the two vids which were gifted to me both from the movie Red.

W-o-m-a-n by [ profile] valoise is a character study on Victoria who I thought was a fabulous character so I was quite delighted to receive this vid.

And secondly, Me against the music by [ profile] greensilver, a general recap of the movie focusing on Bruce and Karl's characters, which is only enhanced by the fantastic song choice. It shouldn't work but it totally does!

So thank you so much for both vids! They were fantastic :)

04 February 2011 @ 11:55 pm
Edit: Now with added vidders.

So like most things I do, I'm going to get these recs in at the last minute. The last minute being a good couple of hours before the [ profile] festivids vidder identities are revealed.

My first rec is for Paranormal Activity (made by Jaidenwolf who I believe is [ profile] dreamrequiem on LJ), a vid of The Frighteners movie. It still feels pretty awesome that someone made a vid just for me and I can't wait to see who actually made it. But it is quite a creepy yet fun vid (or at least to me it is), retelling the movie quite well and I have watched it so often I now have the song stuck in my head.

The next vid I have rewatched the most is They want more (made by [ profile] bironic) from Jurassic Park and if you have seen it then you can guess why I rewatched it so much. Singing dinosaurs! And that perfect glamour shot at the end!

Big Pimpin'/Papercut (made by [ profile] kuwdora) from the movie Event Horizon. I actually had an Event Horizon request on my list because that movie freaks me the fuck out every time I watched it. So it was great to see someone made a vid for it. Even if the vid now freaks me the fuck out.

L.E.S. Artistes (made by [ profile] cherryice) from the Terminator movies. Specifically Sarah Connor of the Terminator movies and looking at the contrast in her character from the first two movies. Very cool to watch.

Now for some recs of vids where I have not seen the source but I want to:

End of the world (made by Chagrined) from Life after People which I gather is a TV show. But I know is that I seeing death and destruction and decomposition and it is awesome.

November Rain (made by [ profile] fan_eunice) from Blade Runner. Technically I have read the book that Blade Runner is based on but I confess I have never actually seen the movie. But this looks really cool and now I want to.

Get some (made by [ profile] cappylicious) from the Millennium Trilogy movies. Vaguely know what the source is about and watching the vid didn't really enlighten me any further but the source and title character looks interesting so I will try to watch these movies at some point.

Now away with myself because I want to make a couple of tweaks to a vid before the reveal. Yay, for time zone delays.
So in order to ensure that I have at least a starting point the next time my hard drive crashes and I lose stuff, I am keeping a list of various fan vids.

If you or your vid are linked here and you would like it removed please let me know. If any of these links can be updated ie. vid homepages changing, please also let me know.

Otherwise this is just a personal list of some pretty awesome fanvids. Thank you to all the artists here.

Multi-fandom and miscellaneous fandom fanvids )