09 August 2014 @ 10:06 pm
So I may not be at Vividcon but I am slowly watching all the vidshows through the Vividcon Live Stream, which is super awesome. Below are my favourites from the Femslash vidshow. Hopefully, I will come back and re-edit with links when they become available.


The Way We Get By by elipie [Broad City] because while I haven't seen Broad City all the gifs on Tumblr make it look hilarious and this vid confirms it.

I Do Adore by kiki_miserychic [Adventure Time, Princess Bubblegum/Marceline the Vampire Queen] because I was totally going to request this for Festivids but now I don't have to.

Let Me Put My Love Into You by sweetestdrain [Bitch Slap] because I have a complicated opinion of the movie since it's obviously aimed at a different audience but it's really fucking fun. Also, Xena and Gabrielle make a cameo!

Mrs and Mrs Blake by niyalune [Teen Wolf, Jennifer Blake/Kali] because this would have been a totally better story then what actually happened in canon.

Everywhere by fray-adjacent [Xena/Gabrielle] because it's Xena and Gabrielle ♥♥♥

Vitalum Vitalis by hollywoodgrrl and ohvienna [American Horror Story: Coven] because while I haven't watched AHS yet the visuals here were breathtaking. Also, witches!


Every year around Vividcon (and Festivids for that matter) I always become enamoured with vidding again. How is it so awesome!