01 January 2015 @ 08:10 pm
I'm doing this review a day later than I should be but I feel that's a fitting ode to my general state of productivity at the moment. I'm also going to keep this short and sweet because answering the usual list of questions for such a meme seems like too much at the moment.

Vids made this year:

Fireproof [Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, Hansel/Gretel] made for [community profile] festivids
Feeling Good [Agents of SHIELD, Melinda May] made for [community profile] festivids
Psalm 40:2 [Constantine film] made for [community profile] festivids
Wanderluster [Thor movies, Jane Foster] made for [community profile] space_swap
Hungry like the Wolf [Teen Wolf] made for Club Vivid @ [community profile] vividcon
From Here On Out [Teen Wolf, Scott/Stiles] made for [ profile] tw_fallharvest

Of my vidding goals for 2014:

☑ Make a vid for Vividcon. This I did do!
☑ Make a vid for Club Vivid. Or, possibly, finish the vid you started making for Club Vivid last year. I didn't finish the vid I originally started but instead made a new one.
☒ Make one more vid than you made last year, so seven vids. I made an equal number, although I have one vid in the bag for a challenge that hasn't gone live yet so I technically hit seven.
☑ Make one more Festivid than you made last year, so two vids. Boom! I made three! Although this year it's looking like I will only manage two, or possibly one.
☒ Rec more vids! Nope, sadly.

Other fanworks made:

the thunder and the laughter (the last thing they —) [Teen Wolf AU] Art for [profile] teenwolf_bb

Goals for 2015!!!

• Make more vids! I say this every year but what I really mean is find the elusive method of making myself more productive.
• Launch [community profile] viddingland, a vidding land comm. I am still thinking about this so it's no where near ready. My hope would be that it inspires me to create more vids, but the downside is that I can also see it taking up time and letting me avoid making vids. So we'll see.
• Make vids for [community profile] vividcon. I would also like to go one year but this will not be that year.
• Actually rec vids!!! And things!!! I have so many bookmarks!!
• Also, comment more and make more posts.
• Play more games, and catch up on tv and movies and books, instead of rewatching the same things all the time.
• There's probably more stuff but I'm all ready tired of making this list... ugh, life, 2015 is off to a great start D: