I didn't do this last year because I only made one vid but this year I have stuff!

Vid: Fingers (Ever After | [ profile] festivids | Danielle character study. It's the weight of the world)
Vid: Dance in the dark (Lady Gaga music videos | [ profile] festivids | Some girls don't dance to the beat of the track.)

Vid: Awake my soul (Supernatural | Lend me your hand and we'll conquer them all. A S5!theme, brother!theme, Impala!theme vid)

Fanart: To dream you wide awake (Supernatural | [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang)

Fanart: Endless skies (Supernatural | [ profile] samdean_otp mini-bang)

Vid: Hey Jude (Supernatural | John/Mary | [ profile] spn_reversebang | Take a sad song and make it better.)
Fanart: And as we ran... (Supernatural | [ profile] spn_reversebang)

I would do the vid meme but I don't think I have quite enough vids to answer it. I am actually quite proud of all the vids I made this year (apart from Hey Jude because that was rushed) as they all turned out to resemble that magical vid concept that initially appeared in my head when I first got the idea for them.

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