21 January 2013 @ 09:36 pm
So Festivids went live over the weekend and I received two lovely vids!

Freakin Friends (Daria)
It's set to the song that Trent's band Mystik Spiral sings to Daria and Jane and to borrow other people's adjectives it is perfect and nostalgic and awesome! It's probably about a year ago that I marathoned the entire series but this was still fabulous to receive. Exactly what I was wanting when I made the request so thank you so much to the vidder :)

Cosmic Love (Florence + the Machine & Fandom)
This is not the vid I would have expected but the vidder has taken various fandom vids and combined them with Florence's music videos in to a kind of love letter towards vids. I'm not good at describing things but it is definitely one to check out! A very atmospheric vid.

I should have some more Festivid recs in the coming days when I get a chance to go through them all. But I must admit I am very happy with people's responses to my own vid. Sadly I only managed to make the one but it's delightful watching people's comments trickle in.
04 June 2012 @ 12:10 am
So instead of actually vidding, I decided the better use of my time would be to clear out my 'to watch' folder of bookmarked vids. I am pretty sure there are still a lot more vids scattered throughout my unsorted bookmarks but at least the folder marked 'vids' is empty!

I probably haven't commented directly on these vids because I suck and feel awkward but to all the vidders below, I think your vids are awesome!

Now, on to the recs, in no particular order:

Supernatural x 10 )
Merlin x 2 )
The Avengers (and sundry) x 2 )
Twilight x 1 )
Game of Thrones x 1 )
The X Files x 1 )
Revenge x 1 )
Suckerpunch x 1 )
Multi Fandom x 2 )
So in order to ensure that I have at least a starting point the next time my hard drive crashes and I lose stuff, I am keeping a list of various fan vids.

If you or your vid are linked here and you would like it removed please let me know. If any of these links can be updated ie. vid homepages changing, please also let me know.

Otherwise this is just a personal list of some pretty awesome fanvids. Thank you to all the artists here.

Multi-fandom and miscellaneous fandom fanvids )