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Birthdate:Nov 29
Hi, I'm Mith. I tend to lurk a lot but I like it when other people start conversations for me. I am also terrible at commenting. Please friend and defriend at will.

I ♥ vidding, Supernatural, Merlin, Teen Wolf and everything else in my interests list.

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Other places I can be found:
  • AO3 (This is your best chance for a complete masterlist of my fandom works. Still in progress.)

  • Tumblr | Mithborien (Will contain all my fandom works as well as sundry, fandom related stuff)

  • Tumblr | Mythical (Follow if you want to get spammed by the various fandoms I like. Don’t ask me how I manage to post so much. I am slightly ashamed.)

  • Tumblr | Museblast (For non-fandom imagery that catches my eye with the vague idea I will be inspired to do something creative with it one day)

  • Red Bubble (Where I will theoretically be selling fandom inspired tshirts. All proceeds will be going to charity once I make enough to warrant having proceeds.)

  • LiveJournal (I will only be using LJ to keep up with people who are not on DW. All entries will be crossposted.)

  • Dark Velvet (My now defunct icon/graphics journal. It is extremely unlikely I will take it up again.)

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