16 September 2013 @ 08:20 pm
VID: Homewrecker [Teen Wolf ; Erica]  
Title: Homewrecker
Vidder: [personal profile] mithborien
Details: Teen Wolf | 2.58 | "Homewrecker" by Marina & the Diamonds | Spoilers for Season 3
Available at: Vimeo (Password: transformative) | DW | AO3 | Tumblr
Download: 35mb @ Mediafire

Erica character study.

Password: transformative

Notes: Holy crap, a vid! A full length vid even!

This is unbeta'd. I just wanted to start a vid, finish a vid and actually get it online since it's been nearly a year since I last made a full length vid.

I have a bunch of ideas for Teen Wolf vids but my first one is about Erica because I just really liked Erica.
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arliss[personal profile] arliss on January 31st, 2014 08:03 am (UTC)
I love the video! And thanks so much for the DL link! Mine! the precious! to watch when I want (I do what I want!). I loved the character, and you did better by her than the series did. Boyd too.
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littlecatk[personal profile] littlecatk on April 11th, 2017 12:05 pm (UTC)
i have to confess i haven´t actually watched the show, i know a bit about it (and the fact how many fans complained about sexism and racism i don´t really plan on watching it) but as far as i can tell this does a real good job at being tranformativ and emphaising and showing her arc.
thanks for making this cool video!
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