25 October 2014 @ 11:37 pm
Yay, it's my favourite time of year again! And yes, I totally look forward to [community profile] festivids more than Christmas.

Firstly, to whoever is matched with me, thank you so much for making me a vid! And to anyone who makes me a treat, thank you as well! The more vids the merrier!

You will note I have included no musical suggestions with my prompts. Personally, my enthusiasm and ease of making a vid is normally tied in to the song choice. If I can't get behind the song, making the vid becomes so much harder. So I will leave the song choice to you vidder since you'll be the one listening to it over and over and over again. I also have no musical preference in terms of genre, so if the songs works for the source, whether it be pop, country, rap or metal, then go ahead and use it.

Bob's Burgers

I love this show and I love every member of the Belcher family. I also love how supportive the family is of each other despite the shenanigans each of them gets in to. So any type of vid about this show would be ridiculously awesome.

However, I would also love a vid just about Tina "I'm no hero. I just put my bra on one boob at a time." Belcher. I think she's a portrayal of a teenage girl that we don't really see these days. Here are some of her awesome moments: http://www.buzzfeed.com/tanyachen/signs-we-are-all-tina-belcher-from-bobs-burgers

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

I also love this show. I'm not really a fan of Andy Samberg and I wasn't really expecting to like a show that seemed to be about him. But the show is so much more than that, it's amazing, hilarious and has a fantastic cast. So an ensemble vid would undoubtedly be great but I would also love a vid that looks at the relationship between Rosa and Santiago since I loved the "Well, you’re not the only girl at the table anymore. We work at a police force full of dudes. We got to have each other’s backs, okay?" scene. And no complaints if you wanted to add Gina in there as well.


Limbo is a game about a young boy trying to find his missing sister in "limbo". It's a short game, with simple controls, but its beautiful black & white visuals and soundtrack make it amazing to play. You also die a lot trying to figure out the puzzles which at times is both entertaining and frustrating.

Again, any kind of vid would be awesome but I think there are two kinds of vids that one could make here. One could be an exploration of the the beautiful scenery and art style of the game and the other could be a deeply philosophical vid about death. Or you could combine the two and that would be amazing!


I remember an anecdote about this TV show where every time the director said "no" to something Neil Gaiman wanted to include in the show, Neil would just say "fine, I'll put it in the book" until he said it so many times the director got mad. I could be paraphrasing.

Anyway, I really liked the book and found it amusing it was based off a TV show instead of the other way around. The show isn't the best in terms of production values but I still liked seeing a live action version of the story, so I would love to see the story again in vid form. I have no further suggestions for specific vid ideas but I know there is a graphic novel version of it as well and if you are up to the challenge of including still images, I think that would make an interesting vid. But seriously, any type of vid would be awesome.


I requested this last year and I received an awesome vid about the Portal fandom and all the awesome things they have made. I wasn't expecting that kind of vid to be made but it was amazing! However I am greedily nominating this again because I would also love to see a vid that focuses on the game play itself. I loved all the awesome scenery: the modern testing chambers, the overrun ruins and the retro buildings. I loved GLaDOS as a villian. And I loved Chell as the main character. Hooray for a non-sexualised female character.

So a vid that focuses on Chell would be awesome although there are certainly issues getting footage of her from a game using first person point of view. But I would also love a game that just explores the game world in general. The cake is a lie.

RPF - Felicia Day

If I was famous I would love to have a career like Felicia's: producing my on web shows, starring in a web show she wrote herself, guest starring on Supernatural, being a character in a video game, doing a steam punk photoshoot and getting to play lots and lots of games. She also seems like a really cool person in general and super geeky.

So a vid celebrating all the cool things Felicia has done and been involved in would be awesome.


Another Neil Gaiman story! (Why yes, I do like his stories.) This is a really fun, enjoyable fantasy movie. It has awesome visuals, a sweet story and a fantastic cast. I don't have much to say about it but whether you make a general overview vid or a character focused vid, I'm sure it will be a vid I will love.

Good luck, Festividder! May the source be with you.
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