14 September 2013 @ 07:49 pm
A lot of people on my flist are getting nostalgic about their beginnings in the Supernatural fandom due to SPN's birthday so let me present mine.

I believe Supernatural first aired in Australia when I was away on holiday but I made sure to remind my dad to record it simply because it had the word 'Supernatural' in the name. I was that easy. I hadn't even heard of Jared Padalecki before and while I had watched Dark Angel and remembered & enjoyed the character of Alec, it still took me to the end of Season One for me to twig on to the fact that it was the same character.

I was pretty much hooked straight away both due to the supernatural element and those psychotically, irrationally, erotically codependent brothers. And eight years later while I have kinda soured on the myth-arc, those brothers are still going strong!

But Supernatural also has a place in my heart as the show that actually got me vidding again. I was all ready aware of fanvids (and fanfiction) thanks to the Farscape (♥♥♥) fandom and I had even made a few. Although I didn't post them online at the time (mostly because it was too hard, Youtube didn't even exist!) But for some reason, at the end of season one, something just made me go 'No! I must vid this show' and so I did. And all these years later I am still making vids. God, fandom makes you feel old.

So in honour of SPN being eight years old, I present my first ever Supernatural vid:

Password: seasonone | AO3 Post

You might note (as I hilariously did) that the song is called 'Maybe tomorrow is a better day'. Well, it's been eight years and that better day still hasn't come :(

I would also like to point out that since that vid I have mastered (I hope) the art of proper aspect ratio, non-literal clip to lyric translation and better scene transitions in vidding.

Now since this post and the newly released Season 9 trailer has brought forth all my SPN feels, let me also present in honour of [community profile] samdean_otp's Eight Days of Wincest Challenge (that I won't be participating in because lol at me posting regularly) my only (so far... this may change) Wincest vid:

Password: rebellion | AO3 Post

Think of all the footage I could use now if I remade it (spoiler: I won't be)
01 June 2013 @ 08:54 pm
So I finally watched the end of Supernatural Season 8 and while I am kinda indifferent to the overall myth-arc, there were still enough "moments" for me to be excited about getting another season!

My thoughts, in a relatively chronological order are:

Supernatural 8x20 - 8x23 )

Welp, guess I will be getting back to planning my Sam vid again. Maybe I can get it done during this hiatus (I have said this for at least the last two hiatuses.)

Just when you think you are out...
29 January 2013 @ 09:28 pm
I just realised I should totally post reviews of the TV shows and movies I watch in terms what kind of vid they inspire me to want to make (and then proceed to never make said vid).

Supernatural 8x11 - LARP and the Real Girl )
And I actually have things to say about it for once!

Supernatural 8x01 )

QI 10x1 - 10x4 )

Merlin 5x01 )

Once upon a time 2x01 )

And also, apologies to anyone who may have been spammed by reblogs on my Tumblr. I had a lot of catching up...
12 February 2010 @ 10:10 pm
Supernatural 5.15 )

In other news, that was one awesome episode and now I want to vid something.
14 May 2009 @ 09:27 pm
So I hardly post anything about my own responses to Supernatural because once I watch an episode I go and read what other people say and they always say what I am thinking in better words than I could so I don't say anything.

However, in preparation of the coming season finale I felt I should post the below caps from 4x21 so they are on the record.

I just want you to be okay. )
17 September 2008 @ 06:33 pm
Damn it, normally I am not swayed by memes.

When you see this, post another Supernatural quote in your lj. Let's see how long this can go on for.

Trickster: This obsession to save Dean. The way you two keep sacrificing yourselves for each other. Nothing good comes out of it. Just blood and pain. Dean's your weakness. The bad guys know it too. It's gonna be the death of you, Sam. Sometimes you just gotta let people go.

Sam: He's my brother.