03 September 2012 @ 11:26 pm
So I posted my [ profile] paperlegends (Merlin Big Bang!) entry over the weekend! It's my first foray in to the Merlin fandom but I have a feeling there are a couple more Merlin vids in me.

My story was A prince from another world by [ profile] van_maniac, so everyone should go read that as well. Everyone being any Merlin fans on my flist. I am not sure anymore, I seem to be jumping between fandoms lately (come back SPN!).


I haven't read much of the other [ profile] paperlegends stories yet but one that I have, which I thought was pretty amazing is:

Them Gods Gonna Hurt You, Son. by [ profile] skellerbvvt

For the longest time Arthur and Merlin couldn’t even find an example of another same-dynamic soulbond, much less any particular reason why it happened. So they resolved themselves to learning how to live with it, and learning how to keep that big of a secret.

It's a BDSM AU where there are soulbounds and your gender is Dom/sub instead of woman and man. Even if you are not interested in Merlin/Arthur, the world the story is set in is so intriguing that it would be worth reading the story regardless. But I thought it was absolutely marvelous!!! It's over a 130,000 words and I actually had to pause while reading to think about things (and okay, I had to stop reading to go to work, pth). Highly recommended.