07 December 2005 @ 01:51 pm
So I haven't updated in a while I guess. No real excuse except I just couldn't be frelled as sleeping in was so much more appealing. But here is some commentary on my life because I feel vaguely guilty about not updating apart from rants, sarcasm and useless polls and memes.

- I have now finsihed my first year of studying Graphic Design which THANK GOD because even though I loved it I may or may not be a slacker at heart. I am also now immensely enjoying the sleep ins and doing shit all at the moment.

- As A result I may or may not have been making and posting graphics and my bandwidth for the month at Photobucket is at 96.2% and doesn't reset until the 19th :(

- I HAVE SEEN GOBLET OF FIRE! TWICE! Except, of course, everyone has already posted reviews and what not and so all my thoughts are tumbling around in my own brain which is in fact quite enjoyable although it does remind me how angry I get tha Australia gets things so far behind everyone else. I would also write my own review of the movie except I will probably forget everything I wanted to say and it will end up one great mess of ramblings. I will how say this: the pacing wasn't too bad second time round, the ending was slightly out of tone, Cedric!love, Dan's crying has improved because that scene was absolutely heart-breaking, Fiennes was excellent, Bulgarian Bon-Bon!, and oh my the innuendo and there are so many other little random things I want to comment on but then this list would go on forever and get rather spoilery and everyone else has already finished talking about it but let's just say that I loved the movie.

- Oh, it was also my birthday last week on Tuesday, I believe, which means I am now 18 and legal. As opposed to being illegal, of course. But nothing has really changed since becoming eighteen as the only thing I can do now is drink legally but then I don't really like to drink and get into clubs which I haven't yet because I don't particularly like people in general. Although, I did get some cool looking presents.

- I suck at commenting in other people's journals. Really, all I do is post pictures of coals and leave random comments if any at all.

- I really need to finish cleaning my room, organise my bookmarks on the computer because I am sure there is some good stuff hidden away there and sort out all my story notes because damn, I need to start writing. And I have the time, damn it.

- AND OH MY GOD, I LEAVE FOR NEW ZEALAND IN LESS THAN A MONTH! LESS THAN A MONTH! With my best friend for a holiday except we have never been overseas and paranoid we'll forget something and *dies* We are probably going to fall over a cliff over there. If you never hear from me again, that's why. So I need to sort out everything for that as well so I can at least pretend to myself that we will be okay.
I should go make a list of stuff to do...
05 November 2005 @ 04:55 pm
Why, hello...

I haven't really updated this thing properly in awhile except for fic.

Things that I have realised in the past month and no I can't be bothering lj-cutting this:

- I am really not like other people and I have no desire to become like them. I either don't get along or don't agree with the majority of people and so I avoid them and am perfectly happy at being home by myself. I like being by myself. I get in weird solitary moods on occasion. That said, I should probably go see my friends more often.

- Oh good, I am going to Doom tomorrow with my friends. Excellent.

- Even if I ever have the inclination to drink (I don't like the taste of most drinks and I don't like teh fizzy) I am never getting drunk unless I am doing it with the express purpose of trying to pass out due to catastrophic tragic event in my life because I have seen people act either completely differently, completely moronic or completely embarrassing when drunk and let's face it, I just do not need to put myself through that. Or wake up with a hangover the next day because I bloody hate headaches.

- My arms hurt from playing volleyball and there are weird red marks on my hands from it but luckily the swelling in my little finger has gone down.

- (I still like volleyball.)

- I hate how there seems to be a normal way to act or do things in your life at certain times and people expect you to do them and then think something is wrong with you if you haven't.

- I hate how people always seems to use the word hate.

- I realise how moronic that sounds.

- The world is doomed based on Australia's New Terrorism Laws (which I can't find any decent news stories at the moment) and the racist singing Prussian Blue girls.

- I wish the earth wasn't so screwy, people not so idiotic and my life slightly better than it is at the moment.

- I think I have a pretty much completed orginal story in my head that I just need to write down but TAFE work is catching up and I don't know whether I should. But it's like all planned out and that's good cause then it's easier to write. But none of he characters even have names.

- TAFE is nearly over :)

- And I need to start preparing for my trip to New Zealand because it's getting closer...

- I remember how I never really enjoy Christmas because a) child like glee is gone since I stopped believing in Santa, b) boring family gatherings and c) retail hell. Come to think of it I don't really get excited over most holidays. Not even my birthday any more which is also coming up. I get excited over movie releases though.

Maybe there was a reason I hadn't updated in a while...

Also in case anyone missed anything that I wrote which all happens to be HP and mostly Remus (figures):
On the subject of teaching - Remus
Dare you to move - Gen
Damned and despairing - Remus
Of lies and werewolves - Remus/OFC (please don't be put of by the OFC, she is actually meant to be seen as quite a bitch)

I also really want to redo my layout because I have a paid account that I won and want to get a new shiny layout before it expires but I never like anything I make anymore which happens all too often and is kinda depressing.

Which is partly the reason why I haven't made any new icons that I like enough to post although I did make this wallpaper of the Marauders which I particularly like but that is about it. And I also haven't been commenting on anyone's journal really but I have been reading you all.

Meh. I think that's my motto to life. Quite useful.