21 August 2017 @ 09:41 am
  1. Beach

    Since my mom's abroad right now, I took my dad to the beach this weekend, with a couple other relatives for company. Saturday was a wonderful, sunny day, driving through the rainforest mountain. I was a bit worried during the week, since a tropical storm was headed to the Caribbean and there'd been a landslide on road along the coastline. But luckily, the storm missed us entirely and went further north. Also the effects of the landslide were mostly taken care of, so the road was clear.

    Here's a pic I took on Saturday, of the view from the house. As you can see, we got lovely, clear skies.

    And at nightfall it was just amazing to see thousands of stars per square inch in the sky. I mean, I know they're always there, but where I live we never see them all, due to the bright lights.

    On Sunday, the weather was a bit more overcast, but it was nice being warm and dry, while still having that lovely view despite the rain. I did a little bit of sketching of the rain falling on the deck. It was oddly mesmerizing watching the raindrops making circular patterns in the pool.

    Pencil Sketch: Raindrops )

    Glad the skies cleared up in the afternoon for the long drive in our return journey back home. Here's one more pic of the coastline on that part of the island. Gorgeous as usual. *___* Photo )

  2. Eclipse

    Hey, I hear there's gonna be a complete solar eclipse over the U.S. today. I think here in the Caribbean we'll be able to see a partial eclipse at around 2:30pm, a few hours from now. So I'm looking forward to that. :)

  3. The Defenders

    EEE! I didn't realised the series came out over the weekend. I see everyone on Tumblr and DW seems to have seen in. EVen my own *brother* has seen it. Where was I? At the beach. lol. Need to watch before I get spoiled somehow. /o\
    16 August 2017 @ 08:35 pm
    So I had this weird, random dream the other night. A college AU, featuring Deadpool and...Harley Quinn.

    Deadpool and Harley Quinn, you guys! ♥

    The more I think about it, the more I feel like they would be PERFECT together. Screw Joker, man. Deadpool's brand of insanity is a way better (healthier?) fit for Harley.

    And now I want, like, all the shippy fic and fanart. I wonder what their portmanteau would be? Dead...ley? Hee.

    But seriously, can we make this a thing? For real? I NEED IT TO HAPPEN.
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    16 August 2017 @ 12:45 pm
    In these dark times, what can we do that will have the most positive impact?

    Someone on my flist posted about feeling like they're not doing enough. But they were speaking with family and friends and trying to understand their views.

    I actually think this is the MOST IMPORTANT THING that we can do.

    It's sometimes the hardest thing to do, but I strongly believe it's the one thing that will have the most impact in the long run.

    I have found that being courageous and speaking up when you are around relatives and loved ones who make racist, sexist, fear-driven comments - creating a dialogue about the issue, reasoning with them, challenging them, correcting inaccurate beliefs, etc. - that's the key.

    Do not sit silently by and let their way of thinking go unchecked.

    Sure, it's the easier thing to excuse it, or to not want to make a scene at a family gathering. It's safer and more comfortable to reblog your opinions in a virtual environment of strangers, but it will never make as much impact as confronting your own near and dear ones, and trying to effect change from the home, you know?

    I now call out my father's sexist thinking, my mother's racial prejudices, my friends' sometimes off-colour, gossipy comments. If you don't do it, who will? You will be amazed how your intolerance of this sort of thing can make them think twice about what comes out of their mouths. Maybe even question their own bigotry and open their eyes to another way of thinking.
    I am currently in the process of transferring the biggest, best-quality versions I have of all my vids to an archive on a portable hard drive (which means pulling the really old files off DVDs) and OH MY LORD I had forgotten how many of these are terrible quality and tiny frame size. Like, I remember what a big deal it was to work with shiny DVD source when I made "Come On" and "Superstar" (though I also remember how stressful it was because my computer could JUST BARELY handle those files and kept crashing all the time), but I had forgotten just HOW bad the horrible downloads I was using before were. Squinty-vision! Tiny pixellated frames! It's good that I no longer care very much about those early vids. I am kind of tempted to delete them, but on days when I feel like a hack who will never make anything interesting again, it's good to have them out there to remind me that a) I have gotten better at this stupid hobby, and b) I got better mostly by showing up and doing it; making what amounts to the same vid five times may seem ridiculous now, even to me, but it was an important part of that showing-up-and-doing-it process.

    In other not-very-surprising news, I kind of want to remake "Cat Scan Hist'ry" with Bluray source. I don't need to, but I want to. It was my watershed vid! It should be shiny! I think I am too lazy to actually do it, though, which is probably a good thing.

    In conclusion, YAY FOR ACCESS TO SHINY SOURCE. My last four vids have all been made with fantastic high-def source, and my computer has never once choked on it. We're living in the future and I LOVE IT.
    15 August 2017 @ 08:25 pm
    So I can make tailored signs for all the damn protests.

    I am not a protest person. I hate it. I don't get energized; I get tired. I don't like shouting slogans, I feel ridiculous. I don't like talking to strangers.

    But if not me, who? So, I go.

    Next one's Saturday.
    This poem is my reminder to myself that when there is so much to push against we need the little victories too.

    I Have This Way of Being

    I have this, and this isn’t a mouth
              full of the names of odd flowers

    I’ve grown in secret.
              I know none of these by name

    but have this garden now,
              and pastel somethings bloom

    near the others and others.
              I have this trowel, these overalls,

    this ridiculous hat now.
              This isn’t a lung full of air.

    Not a fist full of weeds that rise
              yellow then white then windswept.

    This is little more than a way
              to kneel and fill gloves with sweat,

    so that the trowel in my hand
              will have something to push against,

    rather, something to push
              against that it knows will bend

    and give and return as sprout
              and petal and sepal and bloom.

    — Jamaal May
    Found via poets.org
    1. Through Time and Space

      I just saw my mom off at the airport. Right now she's on her way to London - 11 hour flight. But she's so happy and excited to visit her brother. She loves travelling abroad, and she also loves all that girly stuff (that I'm not too into). I indulged in her trying on every single item from her closet, and spent time helping her choose and put together outfits for her trip. I could see the years dropping from her face as she started packing her suitcase, getting her hair done, nails etc. It feels so good to see her looking ten years younger and youthfully enthusiastic, throwing off the ever-present stress of daily living. Makes it worth every penny. <3

    2. Fanart Rec

      For my Captain America/Wonder Woman fanart rec at [community profile] fanart_recs, I ended up going with the Captain America and Wonder Woman against nazi army by [deviantart.com profile] hamletroman out of all the choices. Thought it was wonderfully (and sadly) apt, especially with the goings on of this week.

    3. Drawing: Quantity vs. Quality

      Weekly Challenges at [community profile] drawesome are coming along nicely. I'm trying to develop a routine of taking an hour or so for drawing over the weekend, the same way I might use an hour for relaxing watching tv. The trick though is to exercise my creativity, but not stress too much over the results. Not as easy as it sounds. Being a perfectionist, I'm having to undo YEARS of firm believe in outputting something at 100% effort or not at all. I've come to realise though, that with art, quantity might actually be the key to eventual quality. And sometimes that quality isn't even the point of art. :b

      Case in point, for last week's challenge, I did a simple torso study (Teen Wolf, Derek Hale, G) and enjoyed it immensely, even while knowing there were a lot of things I would go over and correct or change given the chance. But it was incredibly satisfying, just spending time messing around with charcoal, which I haven't done in ages, and actually getting something out on paper.

      Looking back at 2016, I *CANNOT* fathom how I went almost a whole entire year without producing any fanart/art. I remember at the time it seemed like such an insurmountable task to get going. I have no idea why I was waiting for some sort of perfect moment or for Inspiration To Strike. Setting goals and "homework" is in no way romantic, but surprisingly it's been working wonders for my artistic creativity. :)

      This week's challenge is a Word Prompt: HEAT. I'm thinking fire, flames, anger, passion maybe? We'll see how that one goes...
    13 August 2017 @ 01:40 pm
    Title: Triskele
    Artist: [personal profile] goss
    Rating: G
    Fandom: Teen Wolf
    Characters/Pairings: Derek Hale
    Content Notes: Created for the [community profile] drawesome Weekly Challenge #5: Squiggle No.2 (Spiral). For me, the spiral shape immediately brought to mind one Derek Hale. I thought charcoal pencils would work nicely for a little torso study. I included some pics from the process as well. :)


    Click here for entire artwork and WiP pics )
    This is the first time since 2009 that I premiered a vid in an odd-numbered year OR finished a vid for Club Vivid. It's a miracle!

    She Said
    fandom: Supergirl
    music: Farah, "What She Said"
    summary: We can handle anything you wanna throw our way.
    AO3 | Tumblr

    Download: She Said mp4 (147 MB)

    password: supergirl

    Yay, Kara! Yay, ladies! This was actually going to be much more of an ensemble-y vid than it turned out to be, but Kara kept being adorable and determined all over the place and I could not resist her. Thanks to [personal profile] renenet for beta (and for keeping the comparisons to [personal profile] sisabet's delightful Supergirl vid to a minimum).

    + + +

    Live in This City
    fandom: Ghostbusters (2016)
    music: Dragonette
    summary: This city can't live without me us.
    AO3 | Tumblr

    Download: Live in This City mp4 (150 MB)

    password: team

    To the surprise of absolutely nobody, I made a Ghostbusters ensemble vid. :D :D :D   Big thanks to [personal profile] grammarwoman for beta!

    All comments and feedback are welcome.

    NOTE: If you want to know when I post new vids, you can track the "vids: announcements" tag on this journal or subscribe to faviconheresluck at the AO3.
    12 August 2017 @ 10:36 am
    This month, I'm reccing Captain America fanart at [community profile] fanart_recs, but with different crossover fandoms. I absolutely *LOVE* all the Wonder Woman/Captain America mash-ups I've been seeing floating around Tumblr since the WW came out especially. Sadly, like 80% of them were lacking in links to the original artists, so I had to do a fair amount of detective work to track all of these back to their original sources. But glad I was successful! \o/

    These ones listed are all drawn art (and SFW), but there are some wonderful Peggy & Diana manips out there in fandomland. You know, I don't know if I want Diana to be bigger bros with Bucky or with Steve. *g* Or like, now I kind of want to ship Diana *with* Steve.

    Wonder Woman/Captain America Fanart:
    1. Peggy Carter and Diana by [tumblr.com profile] baneme
    2. Wonder Woman and Captain America by [tumblr.com profile] lyndraws
    3. Yours a self-sacrificing idiots too? by [tumblr.com profile] lightningstrikes-art
    4. If your name is Steve... by [tumblr.com profile] rizurin
    5. Nice Shield! by [tumblr.com profile] mintmintdoodles
    6. Commission of Cap and WW by Gerald Parel
    7. Cap's Wonder Kiss Commission by [deviantart.com profile] despop
    8. Captain America and Wonder Woman against nazi army by [deviantart.com profile] hamletroman
    9. America's Secret Weapon by [deviantart.com profile] theamat
    10. Avengers at Halloween by [tumblr.com profile] dilfosaur

    These are all amazing, one way or the other. I am having a hard time choosing one to rec. Which one do you think I should go with?
    11 August 2017 @ 02:43 pm
    I think we just bought a house!
    10 August 2017 @ 09:04 pm
    I've been pretty down lately, that's why I haven't been around much. But anyway, since vids almost always cheer me up, I thought I'd share some recs. Hope you'll enjoy!

    True Blood
    Personal Jesus by[personal profile] killabeez ~ You know where this road leads.
    This is so so awesome!! Perfect editing and it has everything I love about the show. All the pretty, all the sexy violence, amazing vid!

    Mad Max (old movies)
    Burnt Heart by[livejournal.com profile] balistik94 ~ Just as soon as I belong, then it's time I disappear
    Brilliant Max character study. This vid was made before Fury Road and I feel that the sentiment of the vid can also be found in the new movie.

    Hawaii Five-0
    Breath of Life by[archiveofourown.org profile] Tizixx ~ I was looking for a breath of life
    Amazing Steve character study with focus on Steve/Danny. I really love the unique vidding style and the vid packs a real emotional punch.

    Other things

    I watched the first season of Riverdale and I really really like it a lot! I'm not familiar with the comics, I had only heard of them, so for me this was a completely new universe. I really love the visual style and that even though the show takes place now, it has a certain timeless look. The 1950s style diner, the neon lights and especially Betty's look, for example. And I felt that in some instances it is really apparent that the source material is a comic because of cerain unique visuals, like, for example, the Blossom mansion or anything related to them really.  I also enjoyed the murder mystery and the mood of the show, a bit like Twin Peaks, but not quite as weird or weird in a different way. Plus the characters and their dynamics are interesting and in a refreshing way not cliched. And in one episode the Bechdel test is mentioned!

    I also watched The Lego Batman Movie and I LOVE it so much!! The relationship between Batman and Joker is pure gold. This may be the first Batman movie ever to not disappoint me. It was consistent in tone, they knew what they were doing and they pulled it off. They focused on the central theme of Batman's trauma and his motivation without adding the nth unnecessary on screen parents-death scene. They dealt with Batman not being a bad guy, but not being a typical good guy either. And like I already mentioned: Batman and Joker. Such a brilliant take on the iconic hero/villain dynamic.

    Finished my artwork for The Defenders Big Bang ([tumblr.com profile] defendersbang) just in the nick of time, late last night, and published it on AO3 this morning. I selected [archiveofourown.org profile] 221Browncoat to collaborate with as soon as I saw the crossover in the summary. You guys know how much I love mash-ups. :D

    Here's her finished fic:
    Daredevil Issue #4: The Man Without Fear Joins the Avengers! by [archiveofourown.org profile] 221Browncoat
    Gen | Daredevil/Avengers crossover | Rated Teen | 14401 words


    And here's my artwork (at AO3), which is based on the above fic:

    Title: Fan Art - Aww, Daredevil no by [archiveofourown.org profile] goss
    Fandom: Daredevil (TV), Hawkeye (Comics), The Avengers (Marvel Movies)
    Rating: Teen
    Characters: Matt Murdock, Tony Stark, Clint Barton, Kate Bishop, Steve Rogers

    Notes for Artwork #1:
    The first one is a digital drawing of Matt Murdock. I thought it would be cool to draw the Daredevil tv show character in the style of Matt Fraction and David Aja's Hawkeye comics. Trying to pare down a character's features to just a couple broad marker strokes is *way* harder than expected.

    Notes for Artwork #2 and #3:
    I liked how the first one turned out, and since the Daredevil/Avengers fic featured characters from Fraction's Hawkeye, I decided to try my hand at emulating a comicbook style page based on scenes from the fic, resulting in the two comicbook pages below. The visuals in about half of the images were referenced from Fraction's Hawkeye comic, and then modified to suit the story, and the other half are adapted from Daredevil and Avengers screencaps, and pics of Hell's Kitchen. They were all drawn with a black marker, and then scanned, with the colour and text added digitally.

    Thanks to [archiveofourown.org profile] 221Browncoat for working with me on this Big Bang. I had a lot of fun with our collaboration. :D
    08 August 2017 @ 06:15 pm
    If you're ever in San Diego and go to the Fashion Valley mall and have to eat at the food court, I recommend skipping the gourmet salad/sandwich place. It sucked. I hate when I go to a place and pay way too much money for mediocre food. I'm not a big fan of food court food to begin with but there aren't a lot of options for food at the resort.

    I don't think I got food poisoning, but I regret not going for soup and salad at the bakery on level 1. My husband isn't helping either, he's like why did you order so much??? But I didn't realize I had ordered that much until the food came out. Seriously, I hate these kind of places. I like to sit down, browse the menu, review the prices, and then order and have someone bring the food to me. I feel way too much pressure when there is a line of people behind me wanting to order. It's awkward. :(

    California Pizza Kitchen and the bakery place on the first level have had the best food. My husband does not want to try Cheesecake Factory, I found out tonight that he thought all they served was cheesecake. I got a good laugh out of that one. But I think he got it into this head to avoid this place so not sure we'll be eating there this week.